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Lyons Group Security and Electrical have traded since 1994. Our team of experienced and qualified engineers and electricians have amassed huge experience and have allowed us successfully complete security and electrical installations across all sectors, from the smallest houses to the largest industrial sites, and all sectors in between. We are PSA licensed, RECI and Safe Electric certified and are continually audited to MSC standards. We also hold the highest levels of insurance as standard.


Electricity is everywhere! No matter where you go or what you do, it is all around us. At Lyons Group we have a team of qualified, certified and experienced electricians who between them, have decades of experience. We complete installations in houses all the way up to commercial units and everything in between. We are RECI and Safe Electric certified and contract on single-unit as well as multi-unit projects. We also work on behalf of architects and builders, so no projects are outside our range or scope. Call us today to discuss the varying elements of our electrical contractor work.



CCTV has no longer become a luxury. It has now become a necessity, and in some industries, it has become a legal requirement. In addition, technology has come so far forward, and systems have become less expensive. All of these factors combine to make it the perfect time to look at CCTV, whether it is for your home, office, farm, shop, pub, hotel, factory, warehouse, school, hospital or yard.


As most crime is opportunistic, the easiest and best way to help eliminate that risk is to install gates or barriers. Automation can be retro fitted to existing gates or can be built into systems at manufacture stage. Costs vary on levels of extras and our experienced sales and technical staff will be happy to explain and demonstrate all elements.

BR21 - 362 Underground Electric Gate Kit


Intruder alarms are the most cost effective, primary line of defence of any security system. Systems can be wired, wire free or mixed. They can be tailored to suit exactly what you require and can be used to control lights, gates or indeed, anything you can think of. Our 24 hour monitoring gives us peace of mind, and allows you leave your building knowing that there will be no unexpected surprises on your return. Every system is different so call us today for a free, no obligation quotation for your system and see what a system could be doing for you.


Access Control is the generic term used to control, measure or check the flow of people through any area. Systems vary from one single door or turnstile, to hundreds of doors and thousands of people. Lyons Group has done them all! Our previous experience includes numeric keypads, access readers by cards or key fobs and biometric fingerprint systems. With access control, you, the client decides what you want, how, where and when. With Lyons Group, we make that happen.



Fire alarm systems are the element of safety and security that should never be compromised. Your property, possessions, but more importantly the lives of you, your staff, clients, customers or loved ones should always be protected. Lyons Group offer fire systems from the smallest to the largest applications, both conventional and addressable. We work with designers of systems or can assist in the design process in-house. Call us for a free, no obligation quotation.



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